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YOA Project™ creates digital currencies for brands.

YOA Project™ digital currencies deliver benefits for brands across a multitude of sectors including:

  • YOA Project™ for PDG (Project Default Guarantee)​ Program

  • YOA Project™ for Franchise Token Issuing Solution

  • YOA Project™ for brand loyalty programs

  • YOA Project™ for in app purchases

  • YOA Project™ for online retail purchases

  • YOA Project™ for virtual goods purchases

  • YOA Project™ for charity donations

  • YOA Project™ for royalty payments

  • YOA Project™ for affiliate payments

  • YOA Project™ for micropayments

  • YOA Project™ for remittance

  • YOA Project™ for real-time commerce platform



Real Economy Convergence DeFi Economy Solutions

F.I.N.E. Strat YOA


Block chain


Franchise and Small Business Pre-paid Card Blockchain Tokenization Service



(Staking Project Default Guarantee Initial Exchange Offering)

N.New DeFi

YOA Wellet



financial wallet service




Decentralized Real-Time Advertising Commerce Platform

  • 회색 링크드 인 아이콘
  • 회색 텀블러 아이콘
  • 회색 페이스 북 아이콘
  • 회색 유튜브 아이콘

YOA Project Strategic Joint Venture


With financial experts hailing from all corners of the globe, our expert team takes pride in building business models that merge finance with online / offline "real economy fused block chains." using block chain technology. Considered the 4th industrial revolution, this new wave of finance uses state-of-the-art integrated industry models by combining various types of business transactions into one.

YOUA Group Introduction  

YOA blockchain With YOUA Group

The YOA block chain started with a partnership with YOUA Group HK., Limited (YouaG-HK) with the goal to construct a platform that would become the world’s most economically integrated block chain market.

With more than 10 affiliated companies, YouaG-HK has successful business associates across numerous countries that specialize in block chains, IT, AI, distribution, media, medical, real estate, logistics, finance, and other fields. Together as one, we plan to further concentrate on investment, incubating, M&A, and global marketing into 2019.

YouaG-HK utilizes a variety of business ecological systems, such as a global franchise connected platform (Youa GF), a global travel shopping platform (Youa K), a global business connected media platform (Chabis), a real-time business transaction platform (Youa CB), a global online investment banking platform (Youa IB), an anti-aging platform (Youa M), a block chain platform (YHQ Holdings HK), an entertainment platform (Youa W) and more. 

As a part of one of the most ambitious efforts of YouaG-HK, the global franchise connected company Youa GF is leading the new era of franchise platform 4.0 through signing an agreement for monopoly rights with Kuaidao Group (中轻创), also known as the Alibaba of franchise. 

Together with world's largest franchise group and the largest advertisement network platform in China that owns numerous stores and branches, Youa GF will support enterprises to advance into Chinese market. Furthermore, through Youa GF's worldwide 30 countries network, enterprises will be provided simultaneous advancement into 30 global markets along Chinese market. By providing prepaid card type token ICO based on YOA Coin and YOA Block chain technology that can be used in global franchises , we are developing as a professional franchise distribution company  and a franchise coin platform. 


Core investment firm

Blockchain Global Group  -  Chairman Sam Lee

YOUA Group HK  -  Chairman Joanna


Binance, Huobi,  shareholders of  54 global exchanges

Over 500,000  Franchise Network  Partners  Collaboration







Partners & Media


YOA PROJECT PTE In Singgapore.

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