YOA coin is one of the most transformative technologies since the invention of the Internet. YOA coin stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that cryptocurrencies provide globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permission less and decentralized network. In addition, the YOA project will provide the convenience of asset movement through the establishment of a global cryptocurrency exchange.

The YOA Project was contracted as the first host of the CDS of DeFi method, principal guarantee program issued by the global financial group McKinley Investment HK for the first time in the world.

In order to realize the realization of blockchain technology and real economy convergence, we have announced the world's first issuance of investment-guaranteed cryptocurrency.

The financial group McKinley Investment secured $ 5 billion in cash assets at HSBC Bank to complete the CDS program and the cash asset will be increased up to $16.7 billion.

As a result, It is now possible to issue principal-guaranteed cryptocurrencies for various real-economy projects managed by the YOA Project. This has given the project organizers safe investment proposals for institutions and investors.

*CDS(Credit Default Swap)

A credit default swap (CDS) is a financial swap agreement that the seller of the CDS will compensate the buyer in the event of project failures

*DeFi(Credit Default Swap)

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the movement that leverages decentralized networks to transform old financial products into trustless and transparent protocols that run without intermediaries.

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YOUA Group HK is a company that brings sectoral experts in various fields from all over the world. We are combining blockchain technology with finance and the real economy, providing trust and positive results through realizing innovative and stable financial systems and real business that is possible.


Fully Secured Data

YOA Coin's blockchain technology is not only enhances security by verifying that all blocks and transactions are valid, but also protects YOA coin holders' assets from various insecure connections and viruses.







A Better User Interface

YOA Wallet has features that most other wallets don't have. YOA Wallet provides not only the functions of existing wallets but also the specialized wallet for STO market, the stacking program and the general information of STO issuers. You can also trade Nasdaq through the YOA Project Exchange. Of course, you can also use multiple cryptocurrency wallets without losing the benefits of security and privacy.


Support Desk

Professional counselers for individual users and corporate users will quickly find and solve any problems.








Token Distribution


Token Usage Plan


Total Issuance Amount of YOACOIN : 2B


Our Strategy, Development of the concept and business plan.

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YOA Project started with a partnership with YOUA Group HK., Limited (YouaG-HK) with the goal to construct a platform that would become the world’s most economically integrated blockchain market.

With more than 10 affiliated companies, YouaG-HK has successful business associates across numerous countries that specialize in block chains, IT, AI, distribution, media, real estate, finance, and other fields. Together as one, we plan to further concentrate on investment, incubating, M&A, and global marketing into 2020.


Our Core Team

we are proud of our great team. He is one of the most motivated and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.







Expert in Trading, Finance,Financial Consulting, and M&A


YOA PROJECT - Co-Founder

Golden Cross Members Angel Investment Group - CEO

E&J U.S.A – Founder/CEO

EURO SK co.,ltd – Founder/CEO

GEURO XF co., ltd China – Founder/CEO

SK Networks, Turkey - Rep.







Expert in Finance, FA, Financial Consulting, and M&A


YOA PROJECT - Co-Founder

Rothschild Bank [public listed "Allibaba" project board member] - Generalist, M&A, stock and bond market (China and Korea)

Golden Cross Members Angel Investment Group – CFO

George Heintz Aircraft Manufacturing Group - CFO

McKinsey & Company – Business Consulting, Hongkong & China

McKinsey & Company – Business Consulting, Hongkong & China

Merrill Lynch – Corporate and investment financing, Hongkong & China


Thomas Edison

Technical CTO


Thomas Edison<


The Russell Group manchester university master.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Lifetime Membership.

The top security lecturer on payment security and android.

The speaker on the top security conference such as blackhat and hitb.


Ricky Jiang



Ricky Jiang


Baidu Financial Development Department

Former Director of the Customer Resources Department of the Beijing Office of Each future Culture Network in U.S.A

Former Department of International Trade, Beijing Institute of Technology


Xing Yang



Xing Yang


Expert in Marketing, Operating

Blockchain Business Fund – Co-Founder

YOA PROJECT - Co-Founder

E-Listing Blockchain Organization China– Co-Founder

Secretariat of R.O.C - Assistant Secretary


Janos Hajdu



Janos Hajdu


Expert in Trading, Operating

Sk Food co.,ltd. - Founder/CEO

YOA PROJECT - Co-Founder

Meat trade co., ltd - Funder/CEO


Dilek Alagoz



Dilek Alagoz


Expert in Marketing, Operating

YOUA GROUP -Europe Regional Director

YOA PROJECT - Co-Founder

Euro SK co.,ltd – Co-Founder/COO

SK Networks,Turkey - Rep.

Golden Cross Members Europe Regional Director

Expert in Marketing, Operating







Expert in Marketing



Kwai Shao Clothing Division No. 1 Partner Shareholder

Lyaoning TV broadcasting system – Marketing Director

Jiwa Science Technology Hwadong region – Director

Beijing Cheon Hap - Founder

Core Partners


ERB LIGA Exchange

CDS Exchange




ERO Platform serves the functions of banks and financial companies. For liquidation of assets worldwide, we issued GDR (Global Depository Receipts) for equity assets, and embodied rights over the corresponding assets such as convertible or exchangeable bonds in the Comprehensive Exchange Right Block



Core Partners



Core Partners

With more than 10 affiliated companies, YouaG-HK has successful business associates across numerous countries that specialize in block chains, IT, AI, distribution, media, real estate, finance, and other fields. Together as one, we plan to further concentrate on investment, incubating, M&A, and global marketing into 2020. ​



CDS Investor





McKinley Investment is a core investor and team of finance, banking, and business professionals that provide unmatched services for the funding needs of our clients. We specialize in both traditional and non-traditional forms of funding and project financing. We implement our expertise to obtain the best funding for your business ventures and projects.


Our goal is to build long-term trust with our clients and principal investors. Our network builds on the principles of reliability, outstanding service, knowledge and the creation of long-term client relationships. We offer a full range of services to businesses of all sizes; multinational, small, and medium-sized enterprises. Whether our clients are looking to raise project funds, for professional advice or management of day to day business requirements, McKinley can provide it. ​ We provide top financial and advisory services; supported by our professional finance specialists. The firm's philosophy is client-centric with a clear focus on providing long-term value while maintaining the highest standard of excellence, ethics, and professionalism.


We are a team of professional economists specializing in professional investment and asset management. We provide guidance and assistance to principals, private clients, high-net-worth individuals, corporations, institutional investors, funding groups, trusts, foundations, and entrepreneurs. Our years of experience show a proven track record of success. We are serious and well-organized to ensure we provide our customers with the greatest service and efficiency.


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YOA DeFi CDS funding platform has the best security, and specialized features unlike any other funding platform.

  • Specialized Staking program with Funds Guarantee Program

    Offering The staking program with a special interest rate, protected by CDS(Credit Default Swap), guarantees investor principal in case of project failure.

  • Cryptocurrency funding Platform

    Support cryptocurrency funding using the world's most secure DeFi CDS.

  • DeFi payment support

    Support decentralized financial .

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

The YOA project is divided into three major categories.

First of all, tokenization of point and membership prepaid cards for ecosystem of franchise and small and medium sized companies.

Second of all, we operate a platform dedicated to asset securitization and cryptocurrency exchanges through funding of franchises and other small businesses.

Lastly, it consists of real-time commerce matching AI platform for new consumption ecosystem.

The YOA Project will build a stable blockchain ecosystem with various global partners, starting with the construction of a token ecosystem based on the real economy-based business of Youa Group HK.

Youa Group HK has established a stable partnership by investing in the “ERB Riga Exchange”, which was invested by global financial group McKinley Investments as a guarantee of assets of 5 Billion US Dollars in cash secured by HSBC Bank in Hong Kong.

The ERB LIGA Exchange has entered into a comprehensive agreement with McKinley Investments USA, the headquarters of the global financial group McKinley, for the development and operation of the CDS program.

Since then, McKinley Corporation Hong Kong has been headed by the head office as the primary CDS supervisor and has entered into a partnership agreement with the ERB LIGA Exchange for CDS supervisor and operations.

The second host of the CDS will be McKinley Dubai, and the additional host companies will be expanded to affiliates of the McKinley Group in various countries around the world. The CDS financial guarantee increase is expected to increase up to 17 Billion US Dollars.

McKinley Corporation Hong Kong, the first lead of CDS, has deposited about 5 Billion US Dollars in cash assets.

The additional 11.8 billion US Dollars will be completed through various financial guarantees.

The subject of the CDS contract is ERB Coin issued by ERB LIGA Exchange, 5% of ERB Coin is distributed for trading, and 95% is provided for project token guarantee.

For the first in the world, the YOA project has created a secure investment platform in which investors who participate in funding with cryptocurrencies are guaranteed 100% of their investment in the event of a project failure. This is opened up an easy capital raising market through the issuance of various types of STOs, including companies, franchises and real estate liquidation.
‘Low Risk, High Return’, Provision of Guarantee Investor’s principal Subject to CDS Financial Guarantee Financial institutions sign CDS (Credit Default Swap) Contracts to minimize investment risks. YOUA Group provides guarantee coin(ERB) from ERB LIGA Exchange alongside project tokens to minimize risks of U.I.Bs(User, Investor, Buyer) purchasing project tokens. It should correspond project tokens to be delisted due to project or projects failure. ERB Liga Exchange executes the CDS Program. In accordance with the CDS procedure, ERB Liga Exchange exchange buys and retrieves ERB coins from U.I.Bs. Through this process, the users can minimize their investment loss.
INO is a way of recommending holders, increasing the number of coin users, and rewarding holders and teams in order to bring in a continuous holder after exchanges listing.
You can apply by applying for the INO participation program YOA SONIC in your YOA wallet.

YOA SONIC is a program that rewards some of the investments of INO participants through primary staking. You can earn more rewards by participating in YOA SONIC, receiving rewards, or participating directly in the INO.

New members of the INO must receive a referral ID to receive a reward.
INO is automatically staked into YOA SONIC, the first stake sharing program, with a minimum of 1 SONIC which is 5,000YOA required.
INOs are restricted from participating in the INO at the beginning of the IEO of the Staking + CDS program on global exchanges.
Proof of stake (PoS) is a type of consensus algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. In PoS-based cryptocurrencies the creator of the next block is chosen via various combinations of random selection and wealth or age (i.e., the stake). In contrast, the algorithm of proof-of-work-based cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin uses mining; that is, the solving of computationally intensive puzzles to validate transactions and create new blocks.
YOA SONIC is a staking program for private sales and other user acquisition only. It receives dividends of 5% for 3 months, 15% for 6 months and 50% for 12 months.
YOA CORE is the second staking program operated by YOACOIN after global IEO. It is the world's first IEO that combines cryptocurrency with credit default swap (CDS) to protect investors' assets and prevent coin prices from falling.

When participating in the YOA CORE Staking with CDS, the holder will receive the ERB warranty coin from the ERB LIGA exchange with the YOA coin for the CDS guarantee.

YOA CORE's program is fixed price at the time of investment, and if the project fails, the CDS program can be guaranteed based on the investment point.

YOA CORE continues to operate on a seasonal basis, driving continued price increases.

Ex.) 1 YOA CORE = 1 USDT on Staking

YOA CORE 2 = 2USDT ~ It will play a role of raising the price stably through the continuous increase around 20USDT, and will continue to raise the price through various events.

However, if the holder cancels staking and sells, the CDS will be automatically terminated.
Sending the referral link in your account to friends. When he registers via the link, you will receive various referral allowances the below.

A. When he is signing up after joining us via the link that you sent, you will receive the referral points.

B. When your friends join the Staking program with us, you will receive 5% of the total amount of Staking interest rate that will be paid.

The YOA funding platform can be applied to a variety of businesses, including all types of companies for their businesses, franchises, real-estate and collateral assets, PF, large-scale architecture, patents, and IP content and etc…

1. Procurement of Project Capital

2. Joint examination of projects with YOA platform and ERB Liga Exchange

3. Project Contract / CDS Contract Payment / Sequential Payment (Liquidity Supply) Contract / Business Owner's Value Asset 100% Option Contract

4. IEO

5. Token Purchase by Investors

6. Receive project token and ERB coin (locking-up) for guarantee

7. Project Failure Determination

8. Run CDS / Getting ERB Guaranteed Token back - Cash Matching EMCS Payments

9. All project value assets are incorporated into the ERO platform

YOAEX is an exchange where franchises and companies, various projects issue CDS tokens (STOs), and trade issued tokens.
YOAEX will operate in the global market, starting with Turkey.
YOAEX is an exchange where general cryptocurrencies and CDS-secured tokens are traded
We will also operate the NASDAQ stock exchange market in the future.
Youa Group Hong Kong is engaged in businesses such as "F" - Franchise, "I" - IT, "N" - New Business, "E" - Entertainment, with a focus on global business making.
The YOA project, which has been incubated in the "N" - new business sector, is operated by the foundations of Singapore and Costa Rica, and has formed a token ecosystem that is operated in the real economy through investment by the Youa Group or through partners.

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