YOA Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Jonathan Danemo has been appointed as the new CEO for YOA project.

Jonathan is a Swedish national who has completed various programs (i.e. Entrepreneurship, Industrial Management, Advanced Industrial Marketing) at the prestigious KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. In addition, Jonathan majored in business administration in Stockholm University. With his background, he served many roles in his experience, such as digital strategist and head of business relations. Jonathan also assisted in the YOA project for a considerable time, particularly in developing its Mainnet and establishing global relations.

In the midst of completion of main casting for the Pumping Time drama, Jonathan will play an instrumental role in establishing partnerships with various institutions and groups in Europe and other regions, with the goal of globalization of the project.

With the launching and commercialization of the Mainnet, we strive to establish partnerships with various DeFi, NFT, Metaverse projects. Therefore, we have already began investing in various DeFi and NFT projects.

Also, we want to assure our community members that the production of Pumping Time is still ongoing, and we plan to announce the main casting for the drama in the near future. We will do our utmost effort to conduct many airdrop events for our viewers as much as possible, in relation to various DeFi, NFT and Metaverse projects that will be featured in Pumping Time and other entertainment content.

Thank you.

To YOA Project Community Members

Hello. My name is Jonathan, and I am the newly appointed CEO for the YOA project.

Previously, I assisted YOA in Mainnet development and global marketing. Therefore, it is my honor to officially greet you as the new CEO for the YOA project.

With the goal of launching the Mainnet in the impending future, we have spent long hours in its development and expansion of the ecosystem.

I am pleased to inform you that many partners of YOUA Group are receiving increasing amount of recognition and influence in the cryptocurrency industry. Also, for our crypto drama and entertainment content, I am pleased to inform you that the production is still ongoing and we are working hard to satisfy your expectations.

As far as global relations are concerned, we will start our cooperation primarily in in Sweden, with the goal to expand further into other regions such as Europe, United States, China and Australia.

For our community members in Korea, I assure you that we are working diligently to complete the long-awaited main casting for our drama. With this drama, we strive to create the most compelling and entertaining content for our viewers, with the goal of YOA to become the most influential project in the global stage.

As your new CEO, YOA will carry out its utmost effort to expand its ecosystem and we welcome for opportunities to cooperate and grow with many partners around the world.

Thank you.

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