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Franchise  Blockchain based payment token economy

Anti aging Project
 YOA  Blockchain





Anti-aging Payment 

Irela  Fastival

Medical Platform 

Beauty  Platform 



Dreaming of a more unified world beyond national boundaries,

YOA AI Block Chain franchises can have positive influences on medium and small businesses.

  • A YOA Block chain focuses on a "real economy convergence" that aims to create an ecosystem that better facilitates transactions between franchises, small businesses, and online shopping businesses.

  • Each store will use YOA block chain technology to create their own prepaid tokens that will afford them access to crowd funding from customers and general investors.

  • Consumers can use prepaid cards from each store when consuming products or trade prepaid tokens from a YOA token trade center that is managed by a YOA block chain.

  • Issued with a YOA block chain, prepaid tokens can be use for purchases anywhere in the world and they present market value as well as future digital asset value.

  • Through YOA tokens, block chain crowd funding is available at both online and offline stores.

  • The best value of YOA crypto token is having the best trading algorithms which increase digital currency on the live market. But the biggest beauty of YOA crypto currency is that the value of the digital currency will never lose  value even if the live market price decreases. It is the world’s very first, profitable and also most valuable digital currency asset for members..  

YOA block chain, crowd funding systems can prosper in the prepaid market.

  • Cooperation between small businesses and a YOA chain

  • Helping streamline the success of small businesses, a YOA block chain can start a loan application and group purchasses of raw materials.

  • Internet Banks work in coordination with a YOA bank

  • Numerous YOA IBs (Internet Banks) are already established in Africa, Laos, and Mongolia can help support a business.

  • Provide interest profits to participants via ESCROW capital operations.

  • Professional enterprise IBs can issue franchise company bonds, as well as assist with bond management IPO tasks, and other works.

  • ​The world's first virtual currency collateral cash loan service

Proposing the future of prepaid card,

The Tokenized Prepaid Card!

Gift Card/ Prepaid Card Type Token -  Develops The New Concept Of Franchise - Real Economy Ecosystem

  • Contract between franchise headquarter and franchisees through the YOA Chain

  • YOA block chain's smart contract feature ensures both security and convenience for franchise contract, terms and conditions between consumers, etc.

  • The formation of a funding market for franchises

  • YOA project aims to "tokenize" the concept of prepaid card that has been used as a way of raising fund and realize revenue for many franchises. Furthermore, it aims the formation of marketable securities ecosystem that can be utilized regardless of regions or on/offline, which at the same time can realize revenues.


YOA block chain technology with 3 million 6 hundred thousand transactions per hour - POA

Our platform provides following services:

To users

  • Fast and safe transaction system (Real time transaction)

  • Easy and secured block chain finance services

  • Online shopping transaction and establishment of an account through YOA Pay Platform

  • Cash exchange system between different regions
  • Online games using YOA Token

    To Enterprises

  • Fast and safe transaction between enterprises and YOA (rate of 3 million 6 hundred thousand transactions per hour available for every networks)

  • P2P distributed ledger built on HTTP/2

  • YOA's premium membership services available by joining the MSP(Membership Service Provider)


    Secured data preservation/ Confidentiality 


 Malicious Smart Contracts 

  • Unlike other block chains, YOA first run the Smart Contracts, acknowledge their execution, and then create blocks.

  • If the vote is made by Endorsement peers, the block will add the ledger and since it is designated as immutable value, it is impossible to manipulate the data.

  • All transactions can be approved by the nodes with MSP authority, therefore only enterprises who have joined the YOA Project can create blocks and approve transactions.

  • HSM (Hardware Security Module) is provided to support the additional security of the Key.
    Since HSM is a security module for digital keys, it provides creation of modified/unmodified PKCS11 keys.

  • The entire network will not be affected even if external hacking attacks are made on the nodes.

Even though smart contract that breaches security system is developed and operated, because it is impossible to join the ordering layer without validation, the contract does not affect block chain at all.  Sieve Consensus will not stop transactions and creating blocks as long as majority of the nodes are operating without any problems.


  • YOA Project 's personal information security system sends the information only when it is inevitable, but in encrypted format, The information is only available for parties that have full control of the transaction. Permission checks are done through the account private key.

  • Other participating nodes can verify basic information of the blocks for transaction verification process, but do not have access to important personal information.

  • Fundamental policies and plans for transaction are saved in the chain code and saved as a subset of block chain node.
    Endorsing Peer is decided according to the endorsement policy. Furthermore,  every time new transaction occurs, creation of  the block and transaction approval is operated according to the policy

  • Transaction process:  Execute -> Order -> Validate -> Update State

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Who We Are

YOA COIN's Strategic Joint Venture


With financial experts hailing from all corners of the globe, our expert team takes pride in building business models that merge finance with online / offline "real economy fused block chains." using blck chain technology. Considered the 4th industrial revolution, this new wave of finance uses state-of-the-art integrated industry models by combining various types of business transactions into one.

YOUA Group Introduction  

YOA block chain With YOUA Group

The YOA block chain started with a partnership with YOUA Group HK., Limited (YouaG-HK) with the goal to construct a platform that would become the world’s most economically integrated block chain market.

With more than 10 affiliated companies, YouaG-HK has successful business associates across numerous countries that specialize in block chains, IT, AI, distribution, media, medical, real estate, logistics, finance, and other fields. Together as one, we plan to further concentrate on investment, incubating, M&A, and global marketing into 2019.

YouaG-HK utilizes a variety of business ecological systems, such as a global franchise connected platform (Youa GF), a global travel shopping platform (Youa K), a global business connected media platform (Chabis), a real-time business transaction platform (Youa CB), a global online investment banking platform (Youa IB), an anti-aging platform (Youa M), a block chain platform (YHQ Holdings HK), an entertainment platform (Youa W) and more. 

As a part of one of the most ambitious efforts of YouaG-HK, the global franchise connected company Youa GF is leading the new era of franchise platform 4.0 through signing an agreement for monopoly rights with Kuaidao Group (中轻创), also known as the Alibaba of franchise. 

Together with world's largest franchise group and the largest advertisement network platform in China that owns numerous stores and branches, Youa GF will support enterprises to advance into Chinese market. Furthermore, through Youa GF's worldwide 30 countries network, enterprises will be provided simultaneous advancement into 30 global markets along Chinese market. By providing prepaid card type token ICO based on YOA Coin and YOA Block chain technology that can be used in global franchises , we are developing as a professional franchise distribution company  and a franchise coin platform. 

Our Team

Our Team

Charles  / CEO

Financial expert, FA, financial consulting specialist, M&A expert

Singaporian, English/Mandarin


Expert in Finance, FA, Financial Consulting, and M&A

Hongkongnese, English/Cantonese/Mandarin/Korean

YOA Project (YHQ Holdings HK) CEO

President of SR Company - Investment, incubating, business making, e-commerce 

Director of China Search Fund

Completed Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)
<Business school where Jack Ma of Alibaba has graduated >
Director of Investment, Nikko Merchant Bank

YOA Project (YHQ Holdings HK) CFO

Former member of the Rothschild Group

- generalist, M&A, stock and bond market (China and Korea) 

Alibaba Group - supported the New York Stock Exchange listing
Golden Cross Members Angel Investment Group, CFO

George Heintz Aircraft Manufacturing Group, CFO 
McKinsey & Company (management consulting, Hong Kong and China)
Merrill Lynch (corporate and investment financing, China and Hong Kong)

According to regulation of China goverment, it is impossible to open chinese members who participated in pre-sale.

After ICO, we will present you YOA coin project team.



Coin allocation plan

Investment detail

R&D 50%
Marketing 30%
Operation 15%
Consulting 3.5%
Intelligent Property 1.5%

Early participants / Founder Lock

The initial team has a specific non-tradable period

KYC certificate

ICO participants are required to have KYC certification. All participants that have over 1,500 YOA coins are required to possess a KYC certification and certification with a copy of their passport or driver’s license.

Countries prohibited with ICO banning the participation in ICO

There are countries that have been prohibited from participation in an ICO, such as China. Please make sure to understand the laws, regulations, and rules of your country and other countries before participation.

Buy back and incinerate

In order to maintain and increase a YOA coin’s future value, a YOA coin will repurchase 2.5% per year and incinerate a total of 25% over 10 years. Repurchases and incinerations will be limited to 500 million coins.

Support plan

We offer corresponding benefits to those who participate in investing as well as an early bird stage reward section for private sales. The schedule will be notified separately.

Road Map



- Project Launching


- Development of Main network

- Development of wallet
- A.I. development source release
- Off market exchange opening (P2P)
- Development of Token Builder
- Development of explorer


- Acquisition of Sri-K Airline

(Sri Lanka)
- Acquisition of Air Incheon


- Development of YOA PAY 
- YOA Project PR begins
- Completion of the White Paper

- Media PR

- Private sale begins

- Public sales


- Establishment of branch 

 office  for YOA Pay
- Developer Summit Global Conference (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong,USA)


- YOA Coin  market listing
- YOA Pay alliance

  • Alliance with SRI-K Airline mileage

  • Alliance with global franchises

  • Alliance with banks in Sri-lanka, Laos, Myanmar

2018. 8  ~ 10

- Margin exchange opening

- YOA Token Platform release

- Launching of YOA ITO Project launching

- Obtain global license for E-gaming operation

- Launching of YOA IB 

About BM

Project line and

About BM


YOA Wallet
YOUA Trading Exchange
Real use
Franchise token
Real-time exchange
Tour Platform
Mortgage loan service


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