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YOA Wallet

Real time commerce Platform

Franchise  Blockchain based payment token economy

Born for the real economy
YOA Blockchain



Franchise Platform



The project started with the goal of constructing a global real-time commerce platform ecosystem, starting with franchises entering the cryptocurrency ecosystem.



Dreaming of a more unified world beyond national boundaries,

YOA AI Block Chain franchises can have positive influences on medium and small businesses.

Proposing the future of prepaid card,

The Tokenized Prepaid Card!

Gift Card/ Prepaid Card Type Token -  Develops The New Concept Of Franchise - Real Economy Ecosystem

  • A YOA Block chain focuses on a "real economy convergence" that aims to create an ecosystem that better facilitates transactions between franchises, small businesses, and online shopping businesses.

  • Each store will use YOA block chain technology to create their own prepaid tokens that will afford them access to crowd funding from customers and general investors.

  • Consumers can use prepaid cards from each store when consuming products or trade prepaid tokens from a YOA token trade center that is managed by a YOA block chain.

  • Issued with a YOA block chain, prepaid tokens can be use for purchases anywhere in the world and they present market value as well as future digital asset value.

  • Through YOA tokens, block chain crowd funding is available at both online and offline stores.

  • The best value of YOA crypto token is having the best trading algorithms which increase digital currency on the live market. But the biggest beauty of YOA crypto currency is that the value of the digital currency will never lose  value even if the live market price decreases. It is the world’s very first, profitable and also most valuable digital currency asset for members.

YOA block chain, crowd funding systems can prosper in the prepaid market.

  • Contract using YOA chain between franchise headquarters and franchise store owners
    It makes up the simplicity, security and safety by utilizing YOA Blockchain smart contact. Make sure franchise agreement and terms and conditions between consumers to be easier.

  • Exchange service: the point change on prepaid cards


  • Franchise Token Operating (FTO): Form capital procurement market throughout franchisesTokenizing Pre-paid cards used to raise capital and realize profits for many franchises on and off-line, which is not limited to local, national, on- and offline uses.


  • Point transaction and tokenization service for customers with prepaid card points based on blockchain

    YOA PLATFORM consists of YOA Point for use as a payment method and payment system, point transaction system, and token issuance system. 
    When customers purchase goods or services, the YOA Coin automatically switches to a fixed value of YOA point and pays for it, so the customer can consume it from the YOA PAYMENT SYSTEM partners without any individual conversion.


Franchise Point allows users to purchase points in advance at a lower price, and Franchise has the advantage of improving product quality and service by selling them in advance.
Our platform provides the following services:


  • Fast and secure payment system (real-time payment)

  • real-time commerce platform

  • Simple and secure blockchain financing

  • Online shopping transaction and account opening via YOA Pay Platform 

  • Pre-paid Point Issuing System through YOAPlatform

  • point-to-point trading system

  • FTO System - Franchise Token Issue Service

 Token Economys 

Proof of Customer(POC)


Through the proof of consumption(POC), customers will be rewarded YOA Coin as their consumption occurs.

Meanwhile, YOA platform analyzes consumer’s

behavior such as purchase amount, purchase frequency, cumulative amount spent at stores and reward them correspondingly.



POC(Proof of Consumption) Reward

1. When consumers purchase goods or services from the stores.

2. Reward for spending expenses(interior costs, raw material purchases and marketing expenses) to the relevant service providers

  • 회색 링크드 인 아이콘
  • 회색 텀블러 아이콘
  • 회색 페이스 북 아이콘
  • 회색 유튜브 아이콘

YOA COIN's Strategic Joint Venture


With financial experts hailing from all corners of the globe, our expert team takes pride in building business models that merge finance with online / offline "real economy fused block chains." using blck chain technology. Considered the 4th industrial revolution, this new wave of finance uses state-of-the-art integrated industry models by combining various types of business transactions into one.

YOUA Group Introduction  

YOA block chain With YOUA Group

The YOA block chain started with a partnership with YOUA Group HK., Limited (YouaG-HK) with the goal to construct a platform that would become the world’s most economically integrated block chain market.

With more than 10 affiliated companies, YouaG-HK has successful business associates across numerous countries that specialize in block chains, IT, AI, distribution, media, medical, real estate, logistics, finance, and other fields. Together as one, we plan to further concentrate on investment, incubating, M&A, and global marketing into 2019.

YouaG-HK utilizes a variety of business ecological systems, such as a global franchise connected platform (Youa GF), a global travel shopping platform (Youa K), a global business connected media platform (Chabis), a real-time business transaction platform (Youa CB), a global online investment banking platform (Youa IB), an anti-aging platform (Youa M), a block chain platform (YHQ Holdings HK), an entertainment platform (Youa W) and more. 

As a part of one of the most ambitious efforts of YouaG-HK, the global franchise connected company Youa GF is leading the new era of franchise platform 4.0 through signing an agreement for monopoly rights with Kuaidao Group (中轻创), also known as the Alibaba of franchise. 

Together with world's largest franchise group and the largest advertisement network platform in China that owns numerous stores and branches, Youa GF will support enterprises to advance into Chinese market. Furthermore, through Youa GF's worldwide 30 countries network, enterprises will be provided simultaneous advancement into 30 global markets along Chinese market. By providing prepaid card type token ICO based on YOA Coin and YOA Block chain technology that can be used in global franchises , we are developing as a professional franchise distribution company  and a franchise coin platform. 




Smart AI matching platform

Throughout the real-time ecosystem for all kind of business transactions, All users will be connected by CASHBELL with huge benefits.

CASHBELL is smart AI matching platform based on the blockchain technology where everyone is a participant, an advertiser, a customer and a rewarder.



Coin allocation plan


Token Summary


Buy back and incinerate

In order to maintain and increase a YOA coin’s future value, a YOA coin will repurchase 2.5% per year and incinerate a total of 25% over 10 years. Repurchases and incinerations will be limited to 500 million coins.

Support plan

We offer corresponding benefits to those who participate in investing as well as an early bird stage reward section for private sales. The schedule will be notified separately.




- Project Launching

2018.03 ~ 04

- Development of Main network

- Development of wallet

2018.05 ~ 08

Development of YOA PAY 

Media PR

- Private sale begins

- Public sales

2018.09 ~ 12


2020. 07

Cashbell open


Development of CASHBELL

2020.04 ~ 06