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YOA token / YOA will be used as a project platform token that will be utilized within the YOA project and gas of various tokens as the mainnet transition continues.

Coin allocation plan

Token Summary

Buy back and incinerate

In order to maintain and increase a YOA coin’s future value, a YOA coin will repurchase 2.5% per year and incinerate a total of 25% over 10 years. Repurchases and incinerations will be limited to 500 million coins.

Support plan

We offer corresponding benefits to those who participate in investing as well as an early bird stage reward section for private sales. The schedule will be notified separately.

YOA - S token  /  YOA-S is a guarantee token linked to the PDG program financial guarantee.

The YOA-S Token comes with a project token guaranteed by PDG. 
When the investor's profits are realized, they are automatically incinerated, and if the investor's profits are not realized, the PDG program is invoked to provide a crypto that recovers YOA-S and preserves the investment, ensuring the investor's assets are secured.




- Project Launching

2018.03 ~ 04

Development of Main network

Development of wallet

Invested Coinrism Exchange

2018.05 ~ 08

Development of YOA PAY 

Media PR

- Private sale begins

- Public sales

2018.09 ~ 12



 Development of CASHBELL

 Invested Bitbex Exchange

2020.04 ~ 06

 Listing WBF Exchainge 

2020. 09


 YOA -DeFi wallet

 CASHBELL bata 0.1 Open

2020. 10-12

 Listing YOA , YOA-S

 FTO , PTO Service  Open


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